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Wood Burning Hot Tubs

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  • Heating time of 1.5 -2 hours
  • Less Maintenance than a Whirlpool Hot Tub
  • Choose your colour wood to suit you and your garden's theme
  • Combined massage system; you can enable both the air massage and water massage to enjoy a full body massage
  • The exterior is already treated to protect it from UV damage; waterproofing and it will resist flooding.
  • Can be used without electrical supply ( minus the bubbles)    

About our Wood Burning Hot Tubs

Our Log Burning Hot Tub comes as standard with 2 steps stairs, external wood log burner (grade 430 steel), stainless steel 2m chimney, wooden stirring paddle (if no massage system installed), lid/cover and foam insulation, flue guard and drinks' shelf.  

Additional items to order

  • A1 RGB LED light
  • Hydro massage system 900w (8/6 jets)
  • Air massage system 700w (12 jets)
  • Hydro and air massage systems
  • Pipes' connection for filtration system  (Filter is not included)
  • Artwork outside the tub with light (horse, forest, palm beach or tree)
  • If you require custom made art or sign, please contact us
  • Log burner with Grade 316 stainless steel     


External diameter is 200cm, internal - 180cm.  Overall height - 100cm, hot tub depth - 87cm

What you need to know about a Log Burning Hot Tub  

To ensure fast heating use only a good quality and dry wood, preferably in smaller pieces. The use of low-quality wood, or wood in large pieces may double the heating time. You can adjust the intense of wood burning by letting more air into the heater or reducing the incoming air. Maintain the fire in the stove so that the wood will burn properly. If the fire is too small, the heating time becomes remarkably longer. If the fire is too strong, that may increase the risk of damage or accident.

Grade 430. This type of stainless steel comes a standard and is the most popular choice as most people do not treat the water and is much cheaper than other types of stainless steel. If you intend to use chlorine or bromine, sea salts or any other water treatments which affect pH, you need to upgrade to 316 type. No warranty/replacement will be provided if any issues occur with your heater and the manufacturer identifies the corrosion.

Grade 316. Stainless steel is also non-magnetic. This stainless steel has the best corrosion resistant properties. This type of Hot Tub can be used with salt water and little bit of chlorine or bromine. Weight - about 230kg. It is suitable for 5-6 people  

Why choose a log burning hot tub?

We think there are lots of reasons why you would like a Log Burning Hot Tub and here’s why: 

Very low running cost. No electrical supply needed just buy your logs, heat your tub and start relaxing. 

Easy to clean. When not in use simply drain the water out, clean the bathing area and clean the ash out. The next time you wish to use the tub simply refill and heat again. 

They look beautiful and are stylish and different to the many electrical Hot Tubs and spa pools out there. Their innovative design is attractive and built to last, using traditional and modern materials for the best efficiency and stylish or contemporary looks.

There is also the theatre and fun of using wood rather than electricity, and the water you bathe in is fresh. It also broadens your options for where you have your Hot Tub, if you can get water to it you can choose your ideal bathing spot.

It holds the heat very well with the lid on and would only require a short time of additional heating in the morning.  

Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to empty the ash?
Ash can easily be emptied using the shovel provided. It should be emptied when the water is changed or after the fire has gone out.

Can the log burning Tubs be used all year round?
Perfect for cooling down in the summer during a heatwave or for warming up during harsh winters, our wooden hot tubs – wood fired hot tubs provide all-season entertainment.  Our wood burning hot tubs can be used year-round, avoiding the risk of freezing. What is more, wooden hot tubs are an eco-friendly alternative to large swimming pools for cooling down in the summer.

How much water do the Log Burning Tubs require?
Wood fired hot tubs require much less water (about 1200l for our 1800mm outdoor spa models) than conventional swimming pools, plus maintenance and running costs are significantly lower. The perfect solution for all circumstances.

Can the Log Burning Hot Tubs be heated without electrical supply?
Our Log Burning Hot Tub does not need any electrical supply in order to be used. The Log Burning Tub will simply heat the water using logs only. If you wish for the Hot Tub to be lit up (lights inside) and or, bubbles on then you will need electrical supply for this at additional costs.

What are the safety requirements that I should be aware of?
Do not place the hot tub too close to buildings or other flammable structures to avoid the risk of fire.
Ensure children's safety in the tub and nearby. Keep the tub closed with lid when not in use. Bear in mind slippery at freezing temperatures.
Do not use the tub alone. Do not overheat the water in the tub. The recommended water temperature in hot tub is 37°- 40°C. Temperature should be lower for children and people with heart problems.
Wear protective gloves when operating a heater. Some parts might be hot during operation. Edges of the chimney and the heater might be sharp.

What is the heating time for the Log Burning Hot Tub?
Normal heating time for hot tub is about 2 - 2.5 hours with external log burner. Hot tub with integrated wood burner takes approximately 1.5 - 2 hours to heat up. The actual heating time strongly depends on weather conditions, temperature of water, quality of firewood, proper and timely firing etc. To reduce the heating time, hot tub should be covered with a lid to keep the heat evaporation as low as possible. The water is layered when it heats up, and it has to be mixed so that the actual temperature could be found.

When can the water be drained from the Log Burning Hot Tub?
The water can only be drained after fire and embers in the heater have burnt out completely. All wooden hot tubs have high flow drainage valve fitted. Water is drained before another use, as wooden hot tub requires keeping water almost all the time.

What is the minimum of water that should be in the Hot Tub before heating?
Do not start the fire until the tub is full of water. The heaters must never be lit when the tub is empty or not full. Heating a half-empty tub can lead to damaging the heater or fiberglass shell. The Warranty does not cover damage caused by use of heater without proper level of water in the tub.

How do I clean my Log Burning Hot Tub?
Keeping your hot tub clean is very easy. Natural cleaning products are recommended. First add a mild disinfectant to the hot tub and leave it for up to an hour. Begin to drain the water from the tub. While the tub is wet scrub it using a sponge or a soft bristled brush. Always make sure you rinse the hot tub thoroughly before refilling. Some of you may think a wooden Hot Tub is harder to maintain their immaculate condition well, that is not the case at all. Unless you really neglect your Hot Tub, it will last for years with minimal effort. Wood naturally releases a gentle antiseptic that will help to protect your product.  

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